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Company Profile

Leviathan Energy was formed in 2006 in order to supply innovative, state-of-the-art technologies that will change the fundamentals of the renewable energy market on a global scale.
By utilizing the physics of fluid dynamics Leviathan has created wind-, hydro-, and wave-powered products that fundamentally change the economics of investing in alternative energy technologies in these respective markets. We are committed to supplying our planet with efficient, innovative, and clean energy.

For Wind Energizer Team, add Arie Brish is an accomplished energy and technology executive and entrepreneur, experienced in leading a wide variety of organizations and business deals. Arie is the President of cxo360, an energy business consulting firm and chairman of Cleanovation 2010. Arie is also a co-founder of the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and serves on its board of directors, as well as Co-Chair of its Clean-Tech Committee.


Arie led several mega-sales and significant market share growth initiatives. He scaled controllers sales from $288M to $710M in four years while advancing market share from #4 to #1.
Mr. Brish holds a BSEE from Ben Gurion University, an MBA from Recanati School of Business, Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Farb founded the Israeli company, Leviathan Energy Wind Lotus, Ltd., in 2008. It is being closed as headquarters in favor of the new headquarters in the US.

Our Team


Dr. Daniel Farb, the CEO, has the multidisciplinary academic and work background needed to run the project. He has a formal scientific and liberal arts background from Yale University,where he set an academic record, and from his medical degree at Boston University. He was the original visionary of the turbine concept, and his Executive Management degree from UCLA helps him see the business application. In the US, he ran a small software company and did some simple programming as part of that, so he has a directly relevant background in software. His first job in Israel was working as a biomedical patent writer for a law firm, and has taken numerous patent courses and seminars since then. He has contributed to over 30 patents. He has written over 100 books.


Moshe Rosenfeld is a professor of Engineering at Tel Aviv University and a world expert on Computational Fluid Dynamics, having written over 100 articles and being a consultant to NASA. Work with fluid simulations is a key to the development of this product.


Boris Grad is a hydraulic technician with specific education on refrigeration systems at a Polytechnic institute in  Russia. Boris handled the Cassaly research center process floor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before joining Leviathan Hydroelectric. Boris is familiar with sealed and pressurized vessels such as agitators and chemical reactors. He managed and maintained the equipment and creatively switched their original use into different applications and chemical process needs. He developed his own methods of "replacement in process" and seal solutions on very complicated cases. Boris planned the present lab of the company with all the hydraulic setup.


Morris Gal is a certified electrician, running the installations and planning the applications needs for electrical conversion. Morris managed the electrical and mechanical equipment and maintenance for Machteshim for 30 years. He is familiar with procedures and regulations of the grid requirements; he bridges the lab needs for testing with years of experience and creatively supports the development team. Morris planned and executed the company’s electrical lab.